Frequently Asked Questions

Need help? Below is a list of our most common ones. Feel free to contact Rugby directly if your question isn’t answered here, or you need more information.

Who is responsible for tuition expenses if my child attends The Rugby School?

The tuition is funded by your child’s sending school district.

What are the qualifications of your teachers?

All classroom teachers are highly qualified by the state of New Jersey in special education and/or the subject area in which they teach.

Can my child earn high school credits and a diploma from The Rugby School?

The Rugby School is accredited and state approved.  The school curriculum follows the NJ Common Core Standards. Students earn high school credits and the official high school diploma is issued through the sending school district.

How many students are there per classroom?

The maximum number of students in a classroom is 12 with at least one teacher and one paraprofessional.

How does The Rugby School’s academic program meet the needs of each child?

The Rugby School offers a wide variety of academic programs from remedial to college prep.  Teachers provide differentiated instruction to meet the needs of each student and all modifications and accommodations are implemented by the instructor as per the student’s Individualized Education Program (IEP).

How do I communicate with my child’s teacher?

All classroom teachers open and establish weekly communication via e-mail or phone call with parents regardless of students’ age.  Parents have the opportunity to request a parent/teacher meeting at any time throughout the school year.

What clinical services will my child receive?

Clinical services are determined by the Child Study Team at the student’s IEP meeting.  The average student receives individual counseling one time per week or more at the student or clinician’s request.  Group counseling is held one time per week.  Students are also offered psychiatric consultation with medication management by the school psychiatrist at the parent’s request.

Can my child participate in district sports and activities?

Yes.  Students may participate in team sports, clubs and activities at their district’s school.

Does The Rugby School follow a specific behavior management system?

The Rugby School utilizes a school-wide system of behavior management to reinforce positive behavior.  The system is school-wide in the sense that all classes use the same system of reinforcement.  Students earn points each period in correlation to their engagement in the learning process.  Privileges and incentives are earned based on the accumulation of those points.

Does The Rugby School have an Extended School Year Program (ESY)?

The Rugby School does have a six week ESY program during the summer months.  The ESY program provides academic instruction to reduce regression of learned skills, continues social and emotional development and furthers communication skills.  Hands-on projects and activities and weekly field trips are coordinated in conjunction with lessons that provide for an enjoyable environment.

How does The Rugby School prepare my child for life after graduation?


“Rugby W.O.R.K.S” program offers occupational readiness for students in grade 9-12.

“Fast Start” program allows students in their senior year to attend local community college classes for undergraduate credit.

“Footsteps” program addresses the needs of the 12+ students who are planning to join the workforce.

How does The Rugby School respond to reports of bullying?

The Rugby School takes bullying seriously and addresses all concerns.  It is important to distinguish between actual bullying and behaviors that are common to student conflict.  True bullying involves the repetitive intentional malicious exercise of power (physical, emotional or cyber-bullying) by one or more persons.  The school is proactive in preventing bullying by providing character and social development from our instructional and clinical staff.  When bullying does occur, our HIB policy is activated and we work with all students through education, corrective and restorative guidance.  Disciplinary action will be taken if warranted.

What is The Rugby School’s greatest strength?

What makes The Rugby School unique is the flexibility to balance both conventional and unconventional teaching methods.  Through our teachers’ persistency and resiliency, we are able to fulfill our school’s mission to maximize each student’s potential.