**ALERT - There is a revised school calendar. The last day of school is now June 29th.**

Since 1977, the mission of The Rugby School is based on the philosophies of our founding father, Donald J. DeSanto. Our mission statement is to “provide a nurturing environment for special education students to maximize their potentials while exploring their unique abilities.”

What sets Rugby apart is our staff and program. We offer:

  • Small structured classes 
  • A one to four staff to student ratio
  • Elementary and secondary education
  • Cooperative Industrial Education
  • College counseling and placement
  • An on-staff psychiatrist and clinical team
  • A behavior management system

In our nurturing environment, our certified teaching and professional staff is equipped to uncover and cultivate hidden talents in every student. Our curriculum is well organized and comprehensive. Scholastics are paced to each person’s ability. Progress is constantly monitored to keep students from becoming frustrated by subjects that are too easy, or too difficult. Children are also encouraged to express their unique gifts in classes such as art, photography, music and culinary arts. 

Therefore, whether the student decides to pursue higher-education, trade-school or enter directly in the workforce, your child will leave the The Rugby School with a sense of pride and confidence to pursue their goals.